Square and monument dedicated to Junipero Serra

This square was known before as plaça de la Constitució (Constitution square). This square and the next on the side, together with the historic quarter, are the result of the town planning after the implementation of the “Ordinacions” of the King Jaume II of Mallorca when he ordered the foundation of the town in 1300.
As noted above, it was Francesc Torrens who impulsed that the square was dedicated to the “Venerable Fray Junipero Serra”. He also promoted the construction of the monument in 1913 to commemorate the second centenary of the missionary’s birth. The sculpture is a work of Guillem Galmés, descendant from a family of Petra. On the pedestal, on each side, we can see the shield of the family Serra, of the Franciscans and of the town. On the front side there is a commemorative inscription. The monument was built by popular subscription. The inauguration enjoyed the presence of about 10.000 people coming from all over the island.

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