Plaça del Pare Serra

Memorial Plaza and Junipero Serra. The place was known from the first half of the century. Century with the name of Constitution Square, and before it was Square Tower. 1892 was dedicated to Fray Junipero Serra; include planting trees and place benches around, made ​​with stone steps of the stairs of the ruined Franciscan convent. In 1913, on the occasion of the second centenary of the birth of the missionary was placed in the center of the square and the monument to the Bar • Petrel. The sculpture was made ​​by William Galmés. Santanyi is sandstone and consists of a truncated high podium, with the shields of the Franciscan family and saw the town, one on each side except the front, where the commemorative inscription. Above the statue is located. The monument was surrounded by wrought iron fences, which years later were moved to the parish sports. The garden and the pavement of the square has been renovated several times. In the mid-twentieth century are planted fassers and overthrew the house of the former barracks leaving the square surrounded by streets on all four sides. These fassers victims of beaked rojo, were replaced by Mulberry current remodeling that was done all around the place and the sculpture in 2013, the 300th anniversary of the birth of Father Serra.

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