Esglesia de Sant Pere

This is the third parish church built in the town of Petra from the 13th century to the present. It was started in 1582 and finished in the 18th century and it was built in gothic style, with exception of the Chapel of the Rosary (1689) that is baroque. This temple belongs to the biggest churches of Mallorca. It has a basilica ground plan with only one nave and lateral chapels. Inside there are many artworks and religious furniture. Very remarkable are the altarpieces which can be found in the different artistic styles that have existed on the island from the Gothic of the 15th century to the new Gothic of the beginning of the 20th. In this church is the baptismal font where Miquel Josep Serra i Ferrer was baptized, Junípero Serra in the future. The font was carved by Miquel Abraham and Joan Antic in 1588. It has an octagonal base. On the sides of the font are sculpted the symbols of the church, the attributes of San Pedro: the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Papal tiara. In the past the font was located on one side of the main door, where you can still find the commemorative plaque with the date of the baptism of the missionary, 24 of November 1713.

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