Es convent

In 1607 the Franciscans came to Petra, where they built first a small church and some conventual buildings. In 1657 was started the current church of the convent, that was finished 20 years later. Then was built the cloister and the buildings around. Because of the Ecclesiastical Confiscations of 1836 the religious community had to leave the monastery and did not return until 1969. But then they could only occupy a small part of the monastery because many of the monastery´s quarters had been privatized. The convent church, which follows the Renaissance tradition, has a basilica ground plan with only one nave covered by barrel vault, and lateral chapels. Very remarkable are the chapels of Ramon Llull and the chapel of the Angels because of their ceramics and altar frontals. Inside the church can be admired the mural paintings and particularly several baroque altarpieces from the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th.

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