Santuari de Bonany

Puig Bonany is located between the terms of Petra, Villafranca Bonany and San Juan. It has a height of 317 m at the top of the hill is the church of the same name. The chapel was built in the seventeenth century in honor of a Virgin encounter, although the … Read more

Esglesia de Sant Pere

This is the third parish church built in the town of Petra from the 13th century to the present. It was started in 1582 and finished in the 18th century and it was built in gothic style, with exception of the Chapel of the Rosary (1689) that is baroque. This … Read more

Plaça del Pare Serra

Memorial Plaza and Junipero Serra. The place was known from the first half of the century. Century with the name of Constitution Square, and before it was Square Tower. 1892 was dedicated to Fray Junipero Serra; include planting trees and place benches around, made ​​with stone steps of the stairs … Read more

Plaça Ramon Llull

Place of Ramon Llull. Before Joseph was devoted to political members. It was traditionally known as Square Trough and nowadays, the place is called Spring. The old wheel well with the public and there were troughs remained until 1916, when they were replaced by a new and esbucats trough, which … Read more

Casa de la Vila

It is located on Hospital Street, not far from the square end of comment. This building is founded in the late fifteenth or early sixteenth Hospital of town, which gives its name to the street. This institution operated until the eighteenth century. With the passage of time also became the … Read more

Es convent

In 1607 the Franciscans came to Petra, where they built first a small church and some conventual buildings. In 1657 was started the current church of the convent, that was finished 20 years later. Then was built the cloister and the buildings around. Because of the Ecclesiastical Confiscations of 1836 … Read more

Placeta d’es Convent

This monument in the “Placeta del convent”, the yard at the convent, dates from 1984, and was erected on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the death of Junipero. The four tiles that decorate the pedestal depict different motifs from the Franciscan’s life. This work is from the artist … Read more

Museu Frai Juníper Serra

Junipero Serra Museum and Study Center Juniperianos. In 1955 he laid the foundation stone of the Museum. The works were carried out according to project architect Gabriel Alomar was opened in 1959. Regionalist style building is; has two bays with floor and higher. Include, among other items, two basket handle … Read more

Casa Juniper Serra

In 1719 Antoni Serra, father of Junipero, received the house from his brother by donation. The building was probably in a bad condition and had to be renovated. The first reference that Miquel Josep and his parents lived inside dates from 1727, when the boy was 14 years old. That … Read more

Escoles velles

Graduated Old School or Schools are the lowest since any street in Fountain. The site occupies half a block. This building, designed by architect Guillem Forteza was opened in 1927. Available construction around a central courtyard arcade. This place is surrounded by Tuscan columns which support arches, is probably the … Read more