Church of Sant Pere

This is the third parish church built in the town of Petra from the 13th century to the present. It was started in 1582 and finished in the 18th century and it was built in gothic style, with exception of the Chapel of the Rosary (1689) that is baroque. This … Read more

Bust of Francesc Torrens

At the exterior of the parish church, to one side of the main door there is the bust of Mossén Francesc Torrens I Nicolau (1856-1924), placed in 1970. He was a local chaplain and historian and the one that found by chance the book with the biography of Juniper Serra … Read more

Square and monument dedicated to Junipero Serra

This square was known before as plaça de la Constitució (Constitution square). This square and the next on the side, together with the historic quarter, are the result of the town planning after the implementation of the “Ordinacions” of the King Jaume II of Mallorca when he ordered the foundation … Read more

Casa de la Vila, la Sala (Town hall)

It is located in carrer de l´Hospital, not far away from the square we mentioned above. In this building was founded at the end of the 15th or at the beginning of the 16th century the hospital of the village. This institution worked until the 18th century. Later it became … Read more

Cas Capellà Ventura, carrer de l’Hospital núm. 29

EN- In diesem Haus hat Mossén Francesc Torrens, der Kaplan Ventura, gelebt, die Zeit die er im Dorf verbracht hat. Als Anerkennung für seine Forschungsarbeiten der Heimatgeschichte und für den Beitrag neuer Kenntnisse und der Veröffentlichung der Figur des Juniperus, hat man ihm eine der wichtigen Strassen im historischen Stadtzentrum … Read more

Carrer of the Father Francesc Palou

That street was dedicated to the Father Francesc Palou, like the stone plaque on the house number 2 reminds. Palou, a Franciscan monk, was the inseparable companion and contributor of the Father Serra from the moment of the departure, on the long sea travel and during the missionary and evangelizing … Read more

Convent de Sant Bernadí ( of the Franciscans )

In 1607 the Franciscans came to Petra, where they built first a small church and some conventual buildings. In 1657 was started the current church of the convent, that was finished 20 years later. Then was built the cloister and the buildings around. Because of the Ecclesiastical Confiscations of 1836 … Read more