Casa de la Vila

It is located on Hospital Street, not far from the square end of comment. This building is founded in the late fifteenth or early sixteenth Hospital of town, which gives its name to the street. This institution operated until the eighteenth century. With the passage of time also became the headquarters of the University Village. Just to satisfy this role, in 1837 the building was renovated and turned into the Town Hall. It was then when the clock tower was built that still retains. 1921 is just another reform, which gave the building is the current home gateway. Last renovation and restoration, made around 2000, is the incorporation a new staircase to the upper floors. In the Plenary Hall are found, along with other illustrious sons of the town, the pictures that represent the Father Junipero Serra and his nephew Father Michael Petra. The table represents Junipero Serra is probably from the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century, as mentioned, is very similar to that worship in the parish. Regarding the box representing the Father Miguel Petra also probably nineteenth century. These two pictures will give rise to speak a little of the Juniper family, among other things because they were bequeathed to the council by Benedict Vadells Ribot in compliance with his will of 1838. Died a year later, this was the last direct descendant of the parents of Junipero. Note that the marriage formed by Antoni Serra Ferrer and Margaret came only two adult children: Michael Joseph (Junipero) (1713-1784) and Jeanne-Marie (1716-1783). This is married Michael Ribot, whose marriage were born two children: Jeanne (1744-1785) and Michael (who like his uncle, also made ​​religious by the name of Father Michael Petra). Joanna is married Benedict Vadells only had a son, Benedict Vadells Ribot (1770-1839). This also secure the religious career as a priest becomes Rector of Santanyi. As we said, it extinguished with direct descendants of the parents of Junipero.

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