House of Miquel Ramis. Carrer (Street) Major, 16 (before 14)


In this house lived Miquel Ramis Moragues (1900-1979). He was schoolteacher and local historian. Throughout his life he was a great researcher and promoter of the figure of Juniper Serra. His studies also helped the cause of the beatification of the missionary. He published the guide Petra-Junipero Serra (1931) or Fray Junipero Serra. The great mallorcan missionary (1959). In 1956 he founded the magazine “Fray Junípero Serra”, that was in a way the precursor of the current “Apostol y Civilizador”. He became the first director of the Museum and the Father Junipero Centre that was created in 1959. In the house of Pare Serra there is a portrait of him in recognition of his work and in the town is a street dedicated to him.


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