Carrer of the Father Francesc Palou

That street was dedicated to the Father Francesc Palou, like the stone plaque on the house number 2 reminds. Palou, a Franciscan monk, was the inseparable companion and contributor of the Father Serra from the moment of the departure, on the long sea travel and during the missionary and evangelizing activity in Mexico and Alta California. No one knew the work of Junipero in the New World better than he did. Therefore the book that he wrote about Junipero three years after his death and was published in Mexico in 1787 has been key for disseminating the figure and the work of Junipero.
It was Mossén Torrens who discovered by chance the book in a street market of Palma in 1876 and allowed him to start the diffusion of the knowledge and the appreciation of the figure of Junipero in Petra and Mallorca.

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