Carrer California and plot of a house that belonged to the family of Junipero


The current carrer de California received its name at the middle of the 20th century, coinciding with the dates of 1949 (the 200 –year celebration of the departure of Junipero to the New World) and 1963 (the 250th anniversary of his birth). Many of the streets in the town were dedicated to the territories where the evangelizing works of Junipero took place.
The street California was formerly known as carrer d´en Botelles, and previously Travessa Segona. This street was chosen for carrying the name of California, the territory where the missions were founded, because here was once the house of the parents of the missionary at the date of his birth. Nevertheless it is not certain if Miquel Josep Serra (Junipero) was borned in this house or whether he lived there on occasion. The house belonged to her mother, and his father was also registered there for several times. Later the house came to be owned by his sister.
The old building was demolished around 1930 and a new house was built, that today is identified with the number 46.

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