Bust of Francesc Torrens


At the exterior of the parish church, to one side of the main door there is the bust of Mossén Francesc Torrens I Nicolau (1856-1924), placed in 1970. He was a local chaplain and historian and the one that found by chance the book with the biography of Juniper Serra written by Francesc Palou, and started with the publication and dissemination of the work and the life of Juniper. He promoted in 1892 that one of the squares in town took the name of the missionary, and in 1913 he impulsed the construction of the monument that is located in the center of the square. Furthermore, the capellá Ventura, like he was also called, became a great researcher of the history and heritage of Petra, and made important contributions like the different volumes of Apuntes históricos de Petra (Historical notes of Petra), 1921.

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